Sunday, June 8, 2014

Recent Orchids & Other Late Spring Blooms

Pink Ladyslippers in conference
This season's bloom of Ladyslippers was generally a good one around our region. At the Pitch Pine Bog in Rome we found a great number of Pink Ladyslippers - all at the peak of their power. Other amazing Adirondack type flowers were on display there. Closer to home at the nature preserve, our own Yellow Ladyslippers lasted for a long time and provided a great highlight in our woodland shade garden. They managed to survive a hail storm in May that unfortuanately shredded the leaves of our May Apple and Twinleaf plants.
Pink Ladyslippers were on display at the Pitch Pine Bog in Rome

Our own Yellow Ladyslippers at the nature preserve

The native variety of Columbine is red with a yellow center
Water Hyacinth 
False Bishop's Cap or Miterwort in our woodland garden
Wild Geranium
Indian Cucumber Root
Bunchberry was one of many Adirondack-type flowers in bloom at the Pitch Pine Bog
Pitcher Plants blooming at the edge of the bog
The season's last Painted Trillium found still blooming at the Pitch Pine Bog

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