Monday, October 27, 2014

October Visions of Nature

This morning sailors might be advised to take warning
The incredible American Beech
More Beech leaves
This Yellow Birch bark looks like it's made from gold leaf
The Birch grew over a stump which has now mostly disintegrated
More Yellow Birch root gymnastics 
Tulip Tree leaf with its complicated vein tributary system revealed
The ground of a reforestation field is littered with a diverse selection of leaves
Cattails create interesting natural soft sculptures 
The intricate paper nest of the Bald-faced Horned - vacant now
Morning light filtering through a young Sugar Maple forest
Some Porcupine quills stuck into an old grape vine
This Silverberry bush produced an incredible amount of berries
The grasses start to turn in the meadow
More early morning sky patterns
Moss from Shawangunk Nature Preserve in Cold Brook
Wintergreen lurks in a bed of moss at Shawangunk
Marsh St Johnswort produces its fruit 

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