Saturday, May 9, 2015

Exciting News From Our Peregrine Falcon Nest

There's been lots of excitement with our Utica Peregrine Falcons just lately. Last night there was an obvious hole in one of the 4 eggs. Also, thanks to our new microphone, for the first time we were able to hear the calls of the chick inside the egg. Early this morning the hatch finally occurred and before noon the first feeding took place.
We started the morning with 4 eggs - one looked and sounded ready to open
Early this morning Astrid takes a food offering from Ares
At 6:21 AM, the egg (middle back) begins to open
The Hatch taking place
The new chick is still wet and pink, but starting to dry off
Ares drops off some prey for the chick's first feeding
Astrid tears off tiny pieces of meat for the youngster

Ares gets his chance to mind the new chick on his own
Ares gets a chance to brood the eggs and chick - but Astrid returns in less than 10 minutes
Astrid looks stressed as she shades the brood from the hot afternoon sun

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